About us

Arab Triangle Engineering Consultants

The consulting office of the engineer // Abdullah Safar Al-Ghamdi
Licensed by the Saudi Engineers Authority No. (4756) and by the Al-Baha Region Municipality.
He has engineering cadres with high experience in construction, architecture and surveying .. advanced equipment and satellite surveying equipment .. in addition to total survey equipment .. we were keen to keep pace with the ambitions of officials in the secretariat to serve the citizen
Eng. Abdullah Safar, a former chief engineer at the Ministry of Information, contributed. And an advisor member in the Saudi Council of Engineers.
He also worked in several fields and in developing the work of radio transmitting stations and as General Director of Information Technology at the Saudi Press Agency .. Prepared and supervised the technical specifications of the new agency building and supervised the entire project.
Held many leadership and advisory positions in several fields as well as:

- Managing many conferences, including.
- World News Agency Federation conference.
Managing the meetings and conference of the Federation of Arab News Agencies in the technical field.
- Development of digital photography by the agency.
Development and supervision of agency systems ... Editing, sending and archiving.
- And their application .. in selling and marketing agency outputs .. P.o. t Development of participation systems.
Supervising the agency's website.